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URGENT PROPERTIES ON SALE & RENT !!! (october 18, 2018)

House on Rent
at Battisputali Rs 1,05,000 per month (NEW)
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House on Sale
at Suryabinayak Rs 2,05,00,000 (NEW)
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Restaurant on Sale
at Jhamsikhel Rs 80,00,000 (NEW)
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Land on Sale
at Thulo Bharyang Rs 21,50,000 per ana (NEW)
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House on Rent
at Italitar Rs 3,50,000 per month (NEW)
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Residential House on Sale
at Hattiban Rs 1,50,00,000 (NEW)
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Land on Sale (Ramhiti)
Rs 20,00,000 per ana (NEW)
a residential 0-5-0-0 land with 12 fee road at Ramhiti Boudha is on sale.

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House on Sale (Ramhiti)
Rs 290,00,000 (NEW)
a flat system 3.5 storied residential house built in 0-5-2-0 land,constructed on 2067 BS, 13/13 feets two ways pitched roads, facing south and west at Ramhiti, Mahankal near Boudha is on sale.

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House on Sale (Ramhiti)
Rs 1,80,00,000 (NEW)
a 3.5 storied flat system house built in 0-4-0-0 land area, facing north east and south, with two ways 12 feet roads, builtup 2400 sqrft, approx 1.5 km north from chuchhepati pasanglhamu chowk at Ramhiti-Boudha is on sale.

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Mr R. Shimkhada
Property Seller

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Mr M. Shakya
Property Buyer

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Mr N. Khadka
Property Seller

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