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Who are we?

The name as Ghar Jagga Bazar Realestate (P) Ltd.,- a national real estate broker/agent (in short form ‘GJBR’) and the domains,, its logo have been legally registered in the office of the company registrar (license no 191585) government of Nepal pursuant to sub - section 5 of the companies act 2006 and tax office having its PAN no tax pan no 606683586. Registered office located in Basundhara, Tokha municipality, Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Since when this realestate agency is providing the service?

its almost a decade more, continuing the service. We were established on 2009 AD.

What type of service in the realestate field?

It operates all kinds of real estate related service. Helps to find the desired house, rental service, property leasing service, property management service and land for buyers, investors and to search instantly potential buyer for property sellers Kathmandu valley as well as within the kingdom of Nepal.

How can help to sell my property?

Anyone who has property (constructed house, any readymade house or to build the house) can submit their details through our website and it will be added in our database immediately and begins to view your online data by related and potential buyer as well as seller or by public through our online 

How can I participate to list my property?

First brows our website  and sign up at top left side of our website. Within 24 hours our admin web master will approve/activate your registration and you will get your password and username after that start to log on and add your required property. Again our web master will approve it then your product will be added and displayed in our property list for potential customers.

How much does it cost?

There are two ways to advertise your property through our website.

1. If you just want to advertise your property mentioning your own contact address through our website, see this links or read here for more details (give the link of listing advertisement text)

Click here to download advertisement tariff

2. If you want to sell your property through our agency and authorize us to sell your property instantly our referral charge will be 3% in the total sold amount, we will list it charging as per ‘No 4 Normal Package | Rs 5,000 Plan (A)’ policy. (give a link)

How and where to pay the necessary fees?

Physically you can visit our office at Basundhara and pay there or can send us the listing fee as following:

1. By bank deposit

Beneficiary's name

Ghar Jagga Bazar Real Estate (P) Ltd.
Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited
NPR (Current AC NO) 
Lazimpat Head Office Branch
Kathmandu, Nepal 

2. By e-sewa transfer: ID 9803421055

If I am an agent can I also add property which is on my contact to

Yes you can sign up and add your property very comfortably upon above article 1 or 2.

Can I buy a cheapest/lowest cost house in Kathmandu?

As per current market value and scenario cheapest means you will get minimum 120 to 130 lakhs just one storied new house having 3 to 4 rooms in 3 ana to 3.2 ana land area with at least 10 to 13 feet motorable access road. It will be around 2 to 4 km distance outside from inner ring road.

If you go up to 2 crores to 250 lakhs, you will get 2.5 storied better and normal range house for middle class people which is built in 3.2 to maximum 4 ana within 1 to 2 km distance outside from existing ring road.

Am looking for cheapest 4 to 5 ana land can I get it in Kathmandu ? For example per ana 5 to 7 lakhs.

Cannot get now days, even if you try get very far from ring road on that even not in small plot you will get in bulk (big size land area). 4/5 km outside from ring road there will be rs 10 to 14 lakhs per ana separate plot basis.

Planning to invest in the property?

First meet us, brief us up to how much you want to invest and what type of property like, house, building, open land etc. which is your prefer area. We will give you an idea and suggestion how to invest and for which property.

Do you have some experience on this type transaction before?

Yes, many property buyers used our idea and suggestion and they took very attractive benefit from their investment.

Can give link of testimonials here >>>

Currently Am in abroad want to sell my property through you what is the procedures?

First add us in viber or whats app (9803421055) for the further communications. Tell us and give us your property details as well as latest pictures of your property. And instruct your local authorize person/family member to show your property where it is located. Terms and condition apply.

Currently am in abroad want to buy property through you can you help us?

First of all let’s have video chat and know the intention that what type property you want to buy and which is your preferred location within Kathmandu valley.

Do you also have construction service (to make new house)?

Yes, we also provide this service. We have our affiliated professional construction company who will fulfill your requirement.

Do you also have service of an interior design?

Yes we do. We have our affiliated professional construction company who will fulfill your requirement.

Do you also have maintenance service for houses and construction?

Yes, we do it as well.

I want to invest and involve in the plotting developing project how can we work?

You are most welcome in this type project. We are always here for you and ready to go forward for both of our mutual benefits.  

Do you also have rental service?

Yes, we do rental and leasing service of property, house on rent, commercial building, office space etc.

Also property management service?

We also do this service.

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The name as Ghar Jagga Bazar Realestate (P) Ltd., (in short form ‘GJBR’) domains,, its logo have been registered in the office of the company registrar (license no 191585, tax pan no 606683586) government of Nepal. Registered office located in Basundhara, Tokha municipality, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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