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URGENT PROPERTIES ON SALE & RENT !!! (april 24, 2018)

House on Sale
Rs 2,50,00,000 (NEW)
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House on Sale
at kadaghari Rs 2,60,00,000 (NEW)
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House on Rent
at Italitar Rs 3,50,000 per month (NEW)
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House on Sale
at new buspark Rs 4,75,00,000 (NEW)
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House on Sale
at Pasikot Rs 2,45,00,000 (NEW)
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House on Sale
at Kalanki Rs 2,25,00,000 (NEW)
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House on Rent (Maligaun)
Rs 2,50,000 per month (NEW)

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House on Sale (Dhapasi)
Rs 2,20,00,000 (NEW)

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House on Sale (Golfutar)
Rs 1,85,00,000 (NEW)

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Land on Sale (Chapagaun)
Rs 8,75,000 per ana (NEW)

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re-posted on march 20,2018

Make your 200% decision within your family member before to put your property in the market to sell, lease or rent through a real estate agent and their brokerage. Never put your property in the market if you are not fully decided yourself or with your key family member whether to sell or not. Should not come any objection when appointed an agent brings the genuine buyer to see the property.

Analysis the reasonable market value of your property as per current market before to bring it in the property market. If you put unexpected or unreasonable value (price) for your property rather than local current market value, it will never be dealt rather not to bring it out in the market. This means you are wasting your time for three sides (seller, appointed agent and the buyer).

When you are putting your property in the market to sell; you must be aware that all proper documents of the property should be up to date and prepare the copies of it.

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Success Story (Property Buyer, Property Seller)

Mr R. Shimkhada— Property Seller
thanks gharjaggabazar.com you instantly helped me to sell my house in the right time that i wanted to sell. thanks

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Mr M. Shakya— Property Buyer
looking for a beautiful house to buy in the mean time found the gharjaggabazar.com in the google search engine and found the nice house that we wantet to buy.

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Mr N. Khadka— Property Seller
really nice dealer the company.

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